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Use UNFORKIDS.COM to help your students understand how geography influences the way humans live and interact with one another. The study of geography can profoundly influence and enhance understanding of many different issues, regardless of the career your students choose later in life.

Lesson Plans for UNFORKIDS.COM Maps

Roads and Transportation

Roads and transportation allow countries to conduct trade, increase diversity, improve economic status and impact the environment. In this workshop we will learn about how geography and economics influence the development of roads and transportation.

Oceans and Rivers

Oceans and rivers are critical for human survival. In this workshop, we will discover the relationship between human settlement and water using the maps available on UNFORKIDS.COM.

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The Lesson Plan Library offers geography lesson plans for students in kindergarten through high school.

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The Learning Web, a portion of the USGS website, is dedicated to K-12 education and life-long learning. Explore things on, in, around and about the Earth such as land, water, plants and animals, and maps.

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Maps and Geography Lesson Plans, Classroom Activities
A collection of lesson plans and classroom activities for maps and geography.

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Peace Corps | Coverdell World Wise Schools
The Coverdell World Wise Schools program fosters an understanding of other cultures and global issues by facilitating communication between Peace Corps Volunteers and U.S. classrooms, and publishing free print and online classroom resources based on the Peace Corps experience.

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